Colbert County investigators searching for person filmed stomping animal to death

WARNING: This video is very graphic and disturbing:

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – A case of animal cruelty is being investigated in Colbert County and authorities need your help identifying the person responsible. Video has surfaced of someone stomping to death a small animal.

Within the walls of the Colbert County Animal Shelter, they deal with some of the worst cruelty cases to animals imaginable. On Friday, they received an anonymous email which disturbed even them.

“It could be number one; it could be one of the worse things I’ve seen,” stated Investigator Anthony Wilbanks with Colbert County Animal Control.

In the video shot by a cell phone, you see a male stomping on the head of an opossum. Investigator Wilbanks said he has confirmed the video was shot in Colbert County. It’s his belief the male heard on the video is a high school student.

“I don’t know if he done it to impress his friends to show he was a tough guy; I’m not sure why he done it, but I know it is animal cruelty with intent which can be a felony.”

Wilbanks said it’s not like the male was kicking at a rabid dog. He believes the opossum was around 3 or 4 months old, likely not bothering anyone.

“I think if we can get this video out there, I think someone will come forward,” said Wilbanks. “If we don’t stop this, there is no telling where it will go to next. It could be a puppy, a cat, he may even beat up a kid like that and think it is funny.”

Wilbanks says he has had a few tips, but no one has been brave enough to give him the male's name. A cash reward may change that.

Call or text the Shoals Area Crime Stoppers tip line with any information which identifies the male in the video or the person shooting the video.

To speak with an operator, dial (256)386-8685. To text your tip, send your message to 274637 (CRIMES).

Your identity is kept anonymous and tips leading to an arrest are worth a cash reward.