Tuscumbia School Board approves SRO program; starts this week

TUSCUMBIA, Ala. – Unfortunately, many times it takes tragedy to bring change. School systems across the country are re-evaluating their School Resource Officer programs, or lack thereof. One school in the Shoals began an SRO program on Tuesday.

Chief Tony Logan

“When I became Chief in 2008, one of my big goals was to get officers back in the schools,” stated Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan.

But for various reasons a School Resource Officer program never made it out of the budget process. That was until Monday afternoon. The Tuscumbia Board of Education is teaming up with the City of Tuscumbia and police department.

“We let the superintendent and board of education make that decision. We’ll provide the officer; you decide where you need them,” said Logan.

Resource officers will primarily focus on the high school and middle school, but will also patrol the halls of the elementary schools.

Chief Logan said the end goal is to have the School Resource Officers full-time by the fall.

“I feel comfortable that our department has a great response to the school, but having that person there full-time really makes me feel better,” Logan explained.

School leaders said this move will also make students, parents, and teachers feel better about their safety moving forward.

The school system will be paying an off-duty Tuscumbia police officer for their duty at the schools to get the program up and going. Details are still being worked out for next school year to make the SRO a full-time position.