Taking Action: How much information are you handing over to snag a deal?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  They have names like Honey, Piggy and Wikibuy. These cost-saving plug-ins and apps claim to help you find the best deal online.

But is the discount worth the personal information you're handing over?

The apps and browsers automatically apply coupon codes or search for another retailer to find the best price for the item.

Although, while you're gaining shopping points, the service could be gaining a lot of personal information.

"Is the application and what you will do on it, worth the amount of information -- personally identifiable information -- that you might be giving away to the particular vendor?" asked Elizabeth Garcia with the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama.

What are they accessing?

For example, looking at Honey's privacy policy, the service has access to all of the personal information you disclose while you use the app and for some "reasonable time thereafter."

Honey also states they collect information about your online activity both while you're using the service and even after you leave it.

But they aren't the only ones...Piggy collects your address, home phone number, mother's maiden name. They say it's at your own risk of who could potentially get their hands on it.

"You don't know what it's accessing unless you have your privacy setting on your phone or computer set to alert you to those types of access attempts," said Garcia.

While the services promise to provide cheaper alternatives, there is no promise of who might be getting a hold of your personal information.

Control how much information is getting out

First, you should be aware of the terms and privacy policy of whatever app or browser plug-in you're using. Most have a lot of fine print and legal jargon -- making it difficult to understand at times.

Another way to control the access of your personal information is to check your privacy settings on your cell phone or on your computer.

Make sure your settings are set to maximum privacy, so you'll be notified if a service is trying to access certain information you don't want them to receive.