Sparkman High School students walkout for safety

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- Sparkman High School students held a school walk out for safety today. About half of the students at Sparkman High School left their classrooms and poured out next to the football field.

"It's definitely scary because, I mean, the people who were lost, they weren't expecting it to happen,"  said Junior, Shelby Lopez. "And it hits home when you realize that it really can happen to you."

The walkout was organized by the journalism students on the school's newspaper. They said after the Parkland school shooting, school safety was on most everybody's mind.

"We talked a lot about what other schools do to keep people safe, and what we could do here in Madison County and adopt them," said Senior, Natalie Craney. "We talked about the lives that were lost, and we talked about how we never want that to happen again because it shouldn't be happening in our schools."

The administration approved their walkout for safety. The students said news of the walk-out was spread by word of mouth. They said they were surprised at how many of their classmates joined them outside as the names of the victims of the Parkland shooting were read.

"Adults, they kind of just think oh they're kids, they can't really say much," said Lopez. "But really when it comes to schools, it's affecting students directly, so I think it's best when students are the ones who stand up and say something."

The student organizers say the walkout is not a political statement, it is a call for safer schools. The journalism students plan to post articles and videos about the walk out on their website, with the hopes of further spreading the students' messages