Tuesday at 10: Area cops say they tracked down armed robbers by stride

WAYNE COUNTY, Tenn. – An armed robbery hasn’t happened in Wayne County, Tennesee since 2006 when Sheriff Ric Wilson took office. In some ways, that makes it even more remarkable that the sheriff’s department there pioneered the use of new science to help solve the crime.

The sheriff and Detective Dusty Malugen say they watched the 98-second clip hundreds of times over the course of a year.

Detective Malguen admits,“We really absolutely had nothing.”

 All they had to go off was a video showing three men, covered head to toe in all black with red bandanas. 

“It was a cold case as soon as it happened,” Sheriff Wilson tells us. 

Investigators had no fingerprints, shoe prints, or any other DNA to go off of. It really seemed like a dead-end. But Detective Malugen continued to look at surveillance video taken at the store.

And he finally found something that was a little different about one of the suspects.

It was something that the robber couldn’t conceal.

The way he walked.

Gait Closed, a Taking Action Special Report, details how investigators were able to use a suspect’s stride to charge three men with armed robbery — Tuesday at 10 on WHNT News 19.