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Huntsville neighborhood concerned over recent drug raids

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - People in a Huntsville neighborhood say recent drug raids have them worried and they're making those concerns known to their councilman.

Lydia Drive has become a neighborhood many thought it would never be. Neighbors said it was a street once filled with respectable people.

They say it still is, but one local says a few bad seeds have moved in. "It's just something unusual. I have been living there for more than 50 years," one Lydia Drive resident said.

For his safety, the neighbor WHNT News 19 spoke with didn't want to be identified but said a house on Lydia Drive has been raided twice for drugs.

Residents concerns have been on Councilman Will Culver's radar. "There are concerns stemming from more than one home, but one in particular, we are focusing our attention on. Because they have pit bulls, to possible illegal activities going on there, as well as property not being up to code," Culver explained.

Culver held a town hall meeting to address the problem. Huntsville Police North Precinct Commander Captain Jeffery Rice said they will do everything they can to restore the neighborhood.

"We will be heavily enforcing in this area and addressing those situations and working with our other city departments," Captain Jeffery Rice said.

Most people left the town hall optimistic. "I'm glad to live on Lydia Drive even with the situation like it is. I think it will improve," Lydia Drive Resident said.