Warm holding violations in this week’s Restaurant Ratings

Limestone County

Shoney's #1292

1402 Hwy 72 E, Athens


  • Grease pooling around kitchen
  • Cheese 66-69ºF -- consumption hazard, dairy must be held at or below 40ºF

Score: 78

Colbert County

Rhoda P's Restaurant and Catering

312 North Montgomery Avenue, Sheffield


  • Dishwasher not sanitizing
  • No date mark on melon, meatloaf, peas, green beans
  • Flat of eggs sitting out at 61ºF
  • Pan of meatloaf 74ºF
  • Bowl of raw chicken 54ºF
  • Bowl of pasta salad on food bar not protected/shielded by food guards

Score: 73

Franklin County

El Patron Tex Mex

13665 Hwy 43, Russellville


  • Mold in fountain heads

Score: 94

Madison County

Newk's Express Cafe

4925 University Drive, Huntsville


  • Chicken salad 46ºF
  • Melon 50ºF
  • Chopped greens 56ºF
  • Sprayer nozzle below flood rim
  • Drying devices not available

Score: 71

Marshall County

Taqueria Guanajuato

515 Baltimore Avenue, Albertville


  • Food thermometer not accurate
  • Foods cold holding at 62ºF
  • No paper towels in women's restroom
  • Hot holding at 72-119ºF

Clean Plate Recommendation: 


800 Holmes Ave, Huntsville

Score: 98