Jackson County is paving 19 roads in 2018 — an $800,000 job

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - The Jackson County Commission sat down with the county's Road Department to map out exactly which of the 1,200 roads they maintain need the most repair this year.

"They try to go into each district and find the roads that are in the worst possible shape and needs repaving. That's what they've done this year and they've turned it into the commission to vote," says Commission Chair Mike Ashburn.

The commission agreed with the road department's recommendation of repaving 19 different roads in the county. "It'll be some roads in each of the four districts in the county," says Ashburn. "We tried to split it up where each district would have pretty much the same amount of road work done."

Repaving all 19 roads is an 800,000 dollar project, that's a very hefty tab for Jackson County. "Jackson County is facing a budget problem, with not enough money to do the necessary road work."

While only a small amount of roads are being completely repaired, the county will continue to fix pieces others. "We're also constantly patching. That's just an ongoing thing until we somehow come up with more money," says Ashburn. Until more money is available to the county, patchwork will take most of the place of paving.