This ridiculously cute dog umbrella is ridiculously useless…

The thing about dogs is—they’ve got to go—and you’ve got to let them out. Maybe your dog doesn’t like the rain, or maybe you just don’t appreciate a muddy pup!

That’s where this doggie brella claims it can make a difference. It looks like a normal umbrella, even has a handle like one, but the kicker is that it’s attached to a leash!

We tested the doggie brella with three different-sized, rain-hating pups: Elvis, Foster, and Max.

Elvis is a big hound, and I knew before we even tried it that the doggie brella wasn't going to work with him. It doesn’t even cover his full body, so either his head or his tail end is going to get wet anyway.

Max is a small dog and definitely fits under it, but it’s almost too distracting for him to…finish his business.

And Foster wouldn't let us get anywhere near him with the doggie brella! We couldn't even try it.

Obviously, if a dog got used to having an umbrella on their leash then they might not be so distracted, but we found that even when the umbrella fits over the whole dog, you have to hold it directly above them, which feels very unnatural and is very unlikely to maintain during a walk.

Not to mention that the umbrella does nothing to prevent wet grass and mud from dirtying up your pup, so they’ll probably need to be cleaned off anyway.

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $15