Taking Action to help elderly Lauderdale County woman get the service she paid for

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ELGIN, Ala. - WHNT News 19's Al Whitaker was working to help an elderly woman in Lauderdale County who was scammed out of thousands of dollars by a family friend. Unfortunately, Al had to take some time off of work following a series of strokes he suffered at the beginning of January.

Jacqueline Carter trusted Brock Butler to fix her storm-damaged roof back in September. He promised to complete the work in two weeks, but it's been more than four months. So, it turns out this family friend isn't a friend at all.

Carter paid Butler thousands of dollars to fix her storm-damaged roof back in June. That took away all of the money she received from the insurance claim. Al Whitaker put Butler on notice that WHNT News 19 and law enforcement are pressuring him to fulfill his promise to Jacqueline.

Carter's house in Elgin now has mold growing on the ceiling. That's the result of months worth of rainwater coming through the roof and into the old kitchen. When it's raining outside the home, it's raining inside too.

"My whole kitchen bar was soaking wet, and I had to go throw some towels and clean it up," Carter said. "You know, when you came in you went back there and you seen it."

Carter's insurance paid for the original damage and back in June. She gave Butler $2,500 to make the repairs. In September, when Butler had still not shown up to repair the roof, Carter's family asked us to take action.

Butler gave us his word that he would finish the work. He said, "Within two weeks I can have her job done, and that'll be it. It'll be done."

That was more than four months ago, and still, Carter has to deal with water dripping inside her home every time it rains.

Lauderdale County authorities confirm they have made several attempts to contact Butler. They said they want to hear his side of things. They also want to remind him and everyone, they will not stand for someone taking advantage of others. We won't either. We'll keep pursuing this story until Jacqueline gets justice and the results she deserves.

Deputies said if they decide to bring criminal charges against Butler, the case moves on to the district attorney's office. Also, if Butler doesn't come forward, deputies will press charges and that case will again move to the district attorney's office.

Meantime, Carter is hoping someone might feel led to help clean up the mess Butler left behind. If someone would like to step in to help Carter with the work, you can reach out to Courtney Crown at courtney.crown@whnt.com.

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