Does the warmer weather help stop the flu?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – In Alabama, The State Department of Public Health is currently investigating close to 100 related influenza deaths. The number of people getting the flu keeps rising, but the warmer weather may start to make a difference.

With spring-like temperatures in late February, folks are loving every minute of it. "When I saw the weather forecast I was like okay, let's get some of this energy out of her." Madison County resident Chandler Foster said.

People took advantage of the warm weather Monday to spend time in Big Spring Park. For some, the warmer weather is a nice change especially after having to deal with the cold weather and the flu. "My grandson has had it twice in one month, and of course having to take off of work and help the parents out," Madison County resident Lucienda Edwards explained.

This year`s influenza has hit millions of Americans, but with warmer weather on the horizon, the number of flu cases may start to decrease, according to the state's Acting Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris.

Dr. Harris said when it does warm up outside the number of flu cases decrease. He said there's not an actual reason as to why, but he said when it is cold people are inside close together. This gives germs more of an opportunity to spread.

He said this doesn't mean the virus can't be spread in warmer weather. It's best to still take precautions to avoid contracting it. "I keep antibacterial in my purse. I also wipe my carts off if I go in any stores," Edwards said.

"I try to stay out of the way of people coughing, sneezing, or displaying flu-like symptoms," Foster explained.

ADPH said it`s not too late to get the flu shot so you don't get sick.