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Community members gather in Big Spring Park to honor Florida school shooting victims

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - The Florida school shooting has been on the mind of many people across the country including right here in Huntsville. To honor the 17 murdered victims, about 100 people gathered in Big Spring Park to have a candlelight vigil Sunday.

"I actually got the notification when I was sitting in class. The superintendent said there was a mass number of casualties and I kind of just looked up from my phone and said to my teacher there's been another shooting. Everyone was just like,'oh that's not surprising at this point,'" student Ella Rauer said.

Rauer is a Huntsville High School senior. She said becoming numb to mass shootings has become the new norm. "It seems like a common trend at this point and that's, of course, terrible to say," Rauer said.

The untimely death of the victims is what prompted people to gather at Big Spring Park. "These school shootings and the mass shootings in our country are speaking to me and they have come to a point our whole organization felt like we had to have a vigil," Indivisible Member Linda Meigs said.

Linda Meigs is not only a member of indivisible, the organization who hosted the vigil, but a teacher for more than 30 years.

Meigs said it wasn't until recently that her school started having drills for armed intruders. "The second amendment I understand is important to a lot of people, but I don't believe ordinary citizens need an assault weapon," Meigs explained.

Rauer said the time for change is now. "If you are going to sit idly, if you are going to have legislation to make it easier to have guns, you are doing nothing. Teenagers, especially those affected, are crying out for help. We are saying we can't vote, we aren't elected officials. Do something," Rauer said.