Morgan Co. business owner asks for theft suspect to return his stolen property

HARTSELLE, Ala. - A Morgan County man is asking for help after his truck, trailer and business equipment were stolen from him.

Howard Seymore considers himself a compassionate person. "I'm always the kind of guy that would help anybody. If I see somebody on the side of the road with a flat tire, my wife tells me not to do it because you will have a bad experience doing that, but in my heart deep down I find it necessary to help anybody," Seymore explained.

That compassion was not returned to him on Friday when he made a quick stop at the Dollar General in Hartselle. Seymore left his truck running expecting to be in and out quickly.

"Unfortunately when I got to the counter and came back, I looked across the street the truck was gone," Seymore said.

The trailer and tools he uses for his concrete business were gone as well. After calling the police, nearby surveillance video was able to capture a potential suspect.d

"They have a description of a white guy about 5'7". He had, I think, on his shirt or hat "Mat Tools" and he had a limp," Seymore said.

Seymore's truck was last seen heading towards town. He really hopes the suspect returns his belongings. "That's really going to set us back," Seymore explained.

Seymore was angry at first, but now he's more understanding. He doesn't want to press charges, he just wants his stuff back.

"I know how the situation is for some people. But I always think positive. Everybody deserves a second chance. I got my second chance. I became somebody when I used to be a nobody," Seymore said.

Even after someone stole his livelihood, in true Seymore fashion somehow he's still able to show a little compassion.

Seymore said the truck was a Red 1982 Ford F-150 with a 16-foot trailer. If you have any information on his property please call Hartselle police at (256) 773-6534.