Amazon Involved in New Package Delivery Scam

Consumers are reporting receiving Amazon packages that they did not order. This new scam is referred to as “brushing” – overseas sellers purchase their own goods through fake buyer accounts and have them shipped to real U.S. addresses. The end goal is for the seller to be able to pose as a verified purchaser and write a glowing review of their own product. By finding a backdoor to the reviews system, it pushes their products and seller profile higher in Amazon search results.

While brushing may seem harmless at first glance, it is more troubling than one can imagine. Once someone has been “brushed”, it indicates that personal information has been compromised. Amazon has stated that they investigate every report of customers receiving unsolicited packages and plan to ban all vendors and reviewers who abuse the review system.

It has also been reported that if a consumer tries to contact Amazon to return the items, they are unable to do so because there is no order number listed on the box. If you or someone you know has been affected by this scam and need to return the items, take the unopened box to your local UPS location to refuse the shipment. Before doing so, be sure to contact Amazon customer service (888-280-4331) with any seller information you can find — including shipping address and company name.

Source: CBS News

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