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Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman talks about prison, his life, his future…and his new passion

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. –A little more than a year ago Former Governor Don Siegelman came home to Alabama. He came home after serving 6 years in a Federal prison on corruption charges.

Siegelman is the only man to be elected as Alabama’s Secretary of State, Attorney General, Lt. Governor and Governor. Now he’s a convicted felon, and that means he can’t vote, own a gun or practice law.  “I’ve been spending my time productively. So I have not, I don’t really think about the things that I can’t do. I think about the things I can do,” said Siegelman.

He said that to WHNT News 19’s Steve Johnson, who talked to the former Governor in his office in downtown Birmingham. The conversation happened just three days before a heart problem was discovered and he had emergency surgery.  Siegelman is at home now recovering, and his family says he is doing well.

He told us during our conversation that he stays busy talking with friends and enjoying his family. He’s writing a book which he says covers his life, showing how and where he got his values.

Don Siegelman makes no apology for his time in prison, since he says his conviction was bogus. “Shouldn’t have happened, and I hope it never happens again to anybody else. No, I’m not upset or mad. I mean that’s something that’s in my past and I’m moving on with my life,” said the former Governor.

Moving on with his life doesn’t mean forgetting his time behind bars. On the contrary, Siegelman says prison gave him something. It gave him a job that isn’t just work; it’s a passion.

You’ll hear about what Don Siegelman considers his new mission, and why he thinks it’s so important.  You’ll find out how what else prison did to him, and why he says he’s one of the most blessed people you’ll ever meet.

All that in our conversation as we go One on One with Governor Siegelman.   We’ll do that on WHNT News 19’s 10:00 PM Newscast on Tuesday, February 20th.