Presbyterian Disaster Assistance offers support to Parkland community after school shooting

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – One non-profit is doing what it can to help the Parkland community cope. "Presbyterian Disaster Assistance" has offered its assistance to a church in Florida.

Covenant Presbyterian Associate Pastor David Kling said when something tragic happens many find themselves asking why? "Everything seems like it is turned upside down and you are asking the question why? Why did this happen to us? How could God let this happen?" Kling said.

He said it's a normal question to ask. He said it's hard for humans to understand some tragedies, like the school shooting in Parkland. "It does take away our sense of security. It takes away the sense that the world should work a certain way and that justice should happen in a certain way," Kling explained.

Kling added when mass shootings happen, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance always offers up its services. He said they focus on large public health our public natural disaster crises. It's a network of churches around the country that come together.

They've reached out to Presbytery of Tropical Florida. "They will send people who have skills in grief counseling and also how to work through church communities to bring healing and hope back into a community that's been affected," Pastor Kling said.

Kling said the group could be there for years because communities take time to heal. "One of the things we believe is we come alongside people and we grieve with them. If you are feeling sad that's okay, because God is sad at this event. If you are feeling angry that's okay, you can feel angry, because God is angry," Kling said.

Kling believes people should know that life and death are at the hands of a gracious, loving and just God and not in the hands of chaos.

Kling said anybody who is deeply affected by this crisis shouldn't rush the grieving process.  He said it takes time to walk through the sadness and the anger to heal.