One restaurant in the Valley dips to a health score of 62

Limestone County

Greenbrier Restaurant

27028 Old Hwy 20, Madison

Score: 81


  • Hand sinks < 100ºF
  • Grease pooling around grease can
  • Fish, ribs and chicken 48ºF

Lauderdale County

Clean Plate Recommendation: Lyons Coffee Roasters -- 218 North Court, Florence -- Score: 100

Franklin County

Panda Buffet

14633 Hwy 43, Russellville

Score: 88


  • Cracked food pans
  • Mold in fountain heads

Colbert County


401 West Avalon Ave, Muscle Shoals

Score: 84


  • Excessive amount of grease on pad around grease disposal receptacle -- 3 day notice given
  • Reach in cooler holding coleslaw and milk at 47-52ºF -- 3-day notice given

Morgan County

Steak N Shake

2720 Spring Ave, SW Decatur

Score: 62


  • Pans/slicers with residue left behind; not clean to sight and touch
  • Dishwasher not sanitizing
  • Employees have long/painted nails and are not wearing gloves while handling ready to eat food
  • Not washing hands between changing task and preparing food
  • Hand sink missing soap and paper towels/drying device

Logan's Roadhouse

2315 Beltline Road, Decatur

Score: 82


  • Cheese and sliced tomatoes 50-55ºF
  • Equipment/plates not clean to sight and touch
  • Hand sink not accessible