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Firefighter killed, 5 others hurt in Lawrenceburg house fire

LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. -- Officials announced in a news conference Tuesday morning that one firefighter died and five others were hurt in a house fire in Lawrenceburg Monday evening.

The firefighters were inside a home working to extinguish a fire when the structure collapsed. All sixwere trapped inside and a "mayday" call went out at 7:57 p.m.

Emergency crews were able to provide emergency breathing air to the trapped firefighters while a rescue mission was underway. All trapped firefighters were rescued from the collapse at 8:09 p.m.

The fallen firefighter, identified by the Tennessee Fire and Codes Enforcement Academy as Jason Dickey, 38, was taken to the Medical Examiner's Office in Nashville. Paramedics rushed the injured to the hospital. A spokesperson for the fire department said that two of the injured firefighters have been released, and the others are still in the hospital with minor injuries.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Dickey was an 11-year member of the fire department. He is survived by his wife, who is expecting a child in the next few weeks, his 16-year-old daughter, his 11-year-old son, and his 2-year-old daughter.

Fire departments are offering a show of support for the Lawrenceburg Fire Department through social media.

*Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that one firefighter was killed and four others were hurt. It's been updated to reflect that five firefighters were injured.