Madison County School systems host State of the Schools address

Robby Parker, Matt Massey, Matt Akin

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. –  This morning, the three superintendents from the three public school systems in Madison County met to discuss the state of their schools.

The meeting discussed state report card results along with what plans each district has moving forward.

In a room filled with business, state and local leaders the three superintendents sat on a panel answering questions about proud moments and the future of their district.

But first, they discussed the challenges ahead. For Madison County, it’s expanding a program in all schools.

“We want to expand Pre-K to have all reach 100 percent,” said Madison County Superintendent, Matt Massey. “Right now, we offer it to about 60% of eligible students. We don’t have local funding to be able to provide those programs so we’re kind of required on grants.”

For Madison City, it’s the fight for space needed sooner rather than later.

“Even though we’re doing a ten-million-dollar addition to Liberty Middle School and moving the sixth graders up right now, we’re going to run out of space again within just a few years,” said Madison City Schools Superintendent, Robby Parker.

Superintendent for Huntsville City Schools, Matt Akin, says solving their main challenge of recruiting and retaining teachers will help solve other issues.

“If you have inexperienced teachers, classroom management is one of the things that first-year teachers really focus on,” said Akin. “I think that the more experienced teachers you have, discipline hopefully becomes less of an issue.”

All superintendents agreed they are always looking for ways to help their students succeed — that includes offering college prep courses, internship opportunities and continuing to keep their schools demographically balanced.