Leon Sheffield’s Krishon Polk wins $319 for her classroom

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. - Welcome to Leon Sheffield Magnet Elementary in Decatur, the academic home of this week's Tools For Teachers winner Krishon Polk.

Principal David Kross says if you need a boost, look no further than Mrs. Polk's class. "Krishon has a great energy about her. She has a great personality and she really connects well with her students," said Kross. "She does a lot of hands-on activities and a lot of activities that really get her kids motivated."


Mrs. Polk couldn't contain her excitement to just one word.

"I am feeling very surprised, shocked, honored, mainly honored that I even received something like this." said Mrs. Polk.

But it's clear the lessons in this classroom go way beyond addition and subtraction.

"I am teaching them to be accountable for their learning. If you don't understand something speak up. You just can't sit there. So take accountability for your learning and when you do, that helps you become more confident."


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