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This heated butter knife does not lead to buttery bliss

Is there anything better than...butter?

"With baking, you have to measure, and think about it, and do it more than once to try to get it right and perfect it," Bregetta Wortham said. Bregetta graduated with a culinary arts degree and is a baker at Cyn Shea's Cafe in downtown Huntsville. "Most breads. All pastries. Cakes. Everything that you bake you pretty much put butter in.”

Butter is an essential ingredient in the culinary art of baking, but using it correctly is no easy task.

“Recipes call for it to be softened, and you forgot to take it out a couple hours before but you try to soften it in the microwave and it softens too much," Bregetta said.

And we can all relate to the dreaded struggle of slicing and spreading butter when it’s too cold.

"It doesn’t spread evenly. You have to put a lot of effort to try and spread it," she said.

This heated butter knife, with an electrically powered hot blade, claims it’s as easy as clicking a button and powering it up— and you’re on your way to buttery bliss. Butttttt we found it didn't work out so smoothly.

"The rest of the better was still cold, but the knife was hot and it was just sliding over instead of spreading evenly," Bregetta said. And we found that you couldn't really get a slice of butter...more like melty chunks.

We recommend you just do it the old-fashioned way. Take it out and put it in the microwave for ten-second increments to see if it softens that way.

But you can definitely trust Cyn Shea’s Cafe to do butter the right way!

Deal or Dud verdict: Dud, $15