More women come forward with complaints against Decatur doctor, wonder how he is still practicing

DECATUR, Ala. - A Decatur doctor has been accused of inappropriately touching several of his patients. Police arrested Dr. Michael Dick of Alabama Medicine and Rheumatology on January 29. He was back in his office no later than January 31.

The emails from women who say they've had a bad experience with Dr. Michael Dick continue to pour in. Many are in shock that he's still able to practice after all the complaints.

According to the Alabama State Board of Medical Examiners, there's a lot of work that must be done before a doctor's license is revoked. Until that is determined by the board, a doctor can continue to work. Dr. Michael Dick's practicing license is still active at this time.

Many of the women coming forward about their experiences with the doctor have a similar story involving inappropriate touching and kissing.  "He was putting the injection in the base of my skull, telling me do not move," said former patient Holly Douglas. "He leaned down and kissed me. Not on the head, not on the cheek, on the mouth."

Douglas says this happened almost 10 years ago, years later many of his former patients say the actions continued.

WHNT News 19 tried to speak with a representative of the board about his status, but they're unable to speak about a particular doctor's case or complaints filed against them.

According to the ALBME, investigations take place after the board receives a number of complaints or reports about a particular doctor. It could take up to a year or even two years just to collect enough information, hold a hearing and remove a doctor's license if the board sees fit.

"It may help or it may not," said Douglas. "My sole purpose is to hope and pray that it prevents him from doing anything else."

For now, Dr. Dick can continue to practice. We reached out to him for a second time to speak on the allegations and still received no answer.

We've spoken to more than five different women who have a story similar to Holly's.

If you have an inappropriate experience with any doctor, all complaints can be reported to the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners.