Heavy Rain Expected Tuesday Night Through Wednesday Morning

Moisture from the Gulf has surged into the Tennessee Valley, making for a foggy and damp day. The cloudy skies and scattered showers will continue throughout the rest of the evening as our next cold front approaches from the west.

Refresh this page for the latest radar image

Refresh this page for the latest radar image

As the cold front moves in we’ll get a round of widespread soaking rain during the early morning hours of Wednesday. The heaviest rain will come through around daybreak Wednesday, so be prepared for a messy morning commute. With temperatures holding in the 50s all night we could get a few isolated storms that develop too, although most storms will be confined to South and Central Alabama.

The rain will be tapering off by noon on Wednesday as the front moves out. What we’re left with is a good 1-2 inches of rainfall and a blustery Wednesday afternoon. Temperatures will drop from the 50s Wednesday morning into the 40s by Wednesday afternoon as a northwest wind picks up to 15-20 mph at times.

‘Unsettled’ Weather Pattern Setting Up: Drought conditions have been developing over the past month as we received little rainfall (1.52″ in Huntsville) in January. The next 7-10 days will bring a number of chances to chip away at the dry conditions.

The jet stream, which influences where storm systems track, will flatten out over the Tennessee Valley next week. That will bring a series of upper-level disturbances through from Saturday through the middle of next week. At the same time we’ll be getting in more moisture from the Gulf to aid rain chances.

That all boils down to this: Another good chance of widespread rain comes in Saturday and lasts through Sunday morning. After that rain chances will be more of the hit-and-miss variety through next week.

Altogether, we could come out with a solid 2-3 inches of rain, which would go a long way to alleviate our current rainfall deficit.