A former patient of a Decatur doctor is coming forward, saying he inappropriately touched her

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DECATUR, Ala. -  A Decatur doctor has been accused of inappropriately touching several of his patients. Police arrested Dr. Michael Dick of Alabama Medicine and Rheumatology on Monday. He was back in his office no later than Wednesday.

One of his accusers is coming forward about what she says he's done.

Cheree Jordan said her first two visits with Dr. Michael Dick seemed a little odd. "He would kind of caress my face, which I thought was very strange," says Jordan. It wasn't until a third visit on January 22, that took Jordan over the edge.

She says she went to the doctor after falling down the stairs in her home and bruising her thigh and knee. When in an exam room, Jordan says he asked her to lay on her side. "Well, he didn't ask. He just pulled down my pants and panties."

Jordan says he left her completely exposed, opened the door and asked a nurse for her injections. She says the shots were given in her hip. "There was no explanation whatsoever for him to pull my panties down."

Jordan says she was in pain from the shots. That's when she says the doctor took what she refers to as an inappropriate approach to comfort her, with a nurse in the room.

"Kind of put his hands on my knees and said it was going to be okay," describes Jordan. "He put his hands on my face like he's done before and said, 'It's all going to be okay. You're going to be just fine,' and that's when he kissed me."

Distraught by this visit, Jordan called her family immediately. She then reported the inappropriate conduct to the board of medical examiners and the police. "You don't ever think to go to a doctor's office and get this kind of reaction." Jordan says she would hate for any other patient to go through what she says she went through.

WHNT NEWS 19 asked Dr. Michael Dick for comment. We were told he would not be available to speak Thursday.

Editor's note:  After this story originally aired, WHNT News 19 received a statement from the attorneys of a second complainant, described by the attorneys as a female patient from the Shoals.  It reads:

“We are deeply troubled by what happened inside this Decatur medical practice. Our client is the victim in all of this and has asked for privacy at this time. This is a very serious matter, and we will be in touch with the Media when the time is appropriate.

We sincerely hope there are no more victims out there. Sadly, in many cases like this, more victims come forward once an arrest is made.”

- Nick Lough and Marcus Helstowski, Attorneys for the victim

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