Synthetic marijuana or “spice” is making a more frequent appearance in Rainsville

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RAINSVILLE, Ala. - Synthetic marijuana, also called Spice or K-2, is chemically different from grown marijuana, more dangerous than pot, and getting more attention from area police departments. "It's not to the epidemic of methamphetamine is of course, but it's right behind it," says Chief Kevin Smith of the Rainsville Police Department.

Spice is made up of different organic materials and then it's treated with hundreds of chemicals. "It's dangerous because a lot of times they put so many different chemicals in it," says Chief Smith. "One common ingredient is Raid bug spray, a pesticide. That's what they treat these organic chemicals with."

While this dangerous drug is banned in the state of Alabama, it isn't banned in nearby states. "You can go 30 minutes from here, drive across the Georgia line and buy it all day long. You take it to Alabama, and it's a felony."

Chief Smith says spice is something that's seen often everywhere, even in the city of Rainsville. "This past week we got five ounces off the street. Three ounces was from one mobile home in Rainsville and the other is a part of an investigation that we got outside."

Just like any other drug, Rainsville Police will continue to search out any illegal substance haunting the city. "We're going to keep the heat on. We know where they're selling it," says Chief Smith. "We're building our investigations now to obtaining search warrants, and we're going to be going after it."

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