Jackson County is no longer on the “Failing List” for Alabama schools

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - North Jackson High School was the only school in the county to make the state's failing list in 2017.

When the board of education saw that they made the list, they were shocked. "Myself and several of the supervisors from here at the central office, we went to North Jackson School and met with the faculty and staff. They were very upset. You know they were offended by that," says Superintendent Kevin Dukes.

Test results from the ACT Aspire showcase the student's comprehension of math and reading. Those on the failing list had scores in the lowest six percent of all Alabama schools. "When everybody knows it's one test and it doesn't necessarily, in their minds, mean anything; they don't focus as hard on the test," says Superintendent Dukes.

Since the test scores don't directly affect the students in class grades, teachers found other ways to help students better prepare for the test. "They focused. Letting the students know the importance of any test you take. If you're taking the time to take a test it does have some importance."

By pushing this mindset, the faculty and staff were able to get North Jackson High School off of the list. "The faculty and staff have worked really hard to overcome that and they've bonded together. The student body has been completely different because of this."


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