Geraldine Police officers are seeing an increase in break-ins, suspicious activity

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GERALDINE, Ala. -- Geraldine police officers are noticing an increase in suspicious activity around town, leading to home break-ins. They even have a report of a person they believe is the thief opening a door to a home and calling inside to see if anyone was there.

"We're noticing more activity in break-ins in the area. A lot of suspicious activity," Chief Matt Crum said. At one point, police believe the thief hit one house twice.  A different report shows the assumed thief got even more confident.

"They noticed a white truck pulling into the driveway, and they started hearing a voice saying 'hello, hello, hello', and then at one time this young man felt like this person had actually opened the front door and actually yelled into the house," Crum said.

"A lot of this suspicious activity is centered around a possible vehicle description that we have, a white, four-door pickup truck, possibly a newer model, possibly a Nissan."

Chief  Crum put a 'be on the lookout' post on Facebook and it quickly took off. "A lot of that feedback is, 'Yeah, I've seen that truck driving past my house. I've seen this truck in my driveway. I've seen the individual driving this truck who has actually gotten out of the truck and came to my door'," he explained.

That's where see something, say something comes into play.  "It helps us connect the dots," Crum said, "It helps us put a face with this suspicious activity, and we can be in your area looking for that subject in a matter of minutes most times." The more information officers are armed with the quicker they can stop crime. Crum encourages the town's residents to report anything that looks out of the ordinary or suspicious.

The DeKalb County Sheriff's Office dispatches for the Geraldine Police Department, so if you see something urgent call 911 so dispatch can get the information to a Geraldine police officer as quickly as possible. For less pressing tips, you can call the non-emergency number for the sheriff's office at (256) 845-3801,  or the Geraldine Police Department.

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