Madison County plans for future pothole repairs

HUNTSVILLE Ala. -- The recent cold weather, snow and ice have caused damage to the roads. The snow is gone and the ice has melted for now, but in its wake are potholes. The water seeps into the asphalt, freezes, then expands breaking roads apart.

"It creates an enormous amount of cracks," said Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong. "And when you've got surfaces that are already in trouble, this just makes it go faster.

Strong said pothole repairs are on the commission's radar and have been budgeted for.

"I'll tell you this right here, that's one of the things," Strong said. "The budgets for the district commissioners, there will be a lot of patching between now and springtime."

He said while drivers may be frustrated, the repairs will have to wait until the weather warms up.

"Right now, if you were to do the paving, it would be destroyed immediately," Strong said. "Just based on the different temperature."

He said this spring there will be millions of dollars spent to resurface miles of roads in Madison County,

"The cost of maintenance is more today than ever. So there's a lot of moving parts, it's very costly," Strong said.

He said repairs will also include paving roads in unincorporated Madison, as well the city of Huntsville and the city of Madison.

You can report potholes and other nonemergency service requests, using "see, click, fix" software.