“It’s not a place where you have to shhh and be quiet any longer,” New Madison Public Library makes its grand debut

MADISON, Ala. --  A $10.2 million project that has been five years in the making, is finally open to the public.  The new Madison Public Library had its grand opening on Saturday.

"The library is not just about books. The library is about people having a place to come together and share ideas, and learn from one another," said library branch manager Sarah Sledge.

The new Madison Public Library is open just two doors down from its original location on Plaza Boulevard. The brand new 25,000 square foot library boasts a bookstore layout, private meeting rooms, an indoor fireplace and plenty of activities for the kids.

The library also has a teen section for reading and gaming, an outdoor movie screen, and even a creativity lab with 3-D printing, vinyl cutting and wood carving.

Sledge said the library is a destination for all ages. "It's not a place where you have to shh and be quiet any longer. You won't hear anybody shush you in our building."

Eight-year-old Robert Anderson said he loves books, especially biographies. He said he reads because he wants to be a smart kid and because he has some big goals.

"My dad told me if I keep reading, big house, fancy car," said Robert.

He also wanted to share some advice for future library patrons.

"Stay smart and keep reading."