Potentially contaminated water makes some residents stock up on water

DECATUR, Ala. – The activist group, Warriors for Clean Water, called a news conference Friday where they announced that they do not believe people in Lawrence and Morgan County should be using their tap water. They cited a number of health concerns that would be caused by chemical contamination.

The Dodd family is already getting stocked up with their filtered water after hearing the results of the test.

Catherine Dodd said the new water study about the tap water in Morgan County possibly being contaminated isn't that surprising. "If you literally see the river water is contaminated from down that way then this tap water is contaminated too," Dodd explained.

She remembers noticing issues a long time ago while fishing on the Tennessee River. "When you catch fish, you see a cancer growing on that fish. It's not just one fish. When you are continuously seeing that on fish, you know not to eat them," Dodd said.

The advocacy group who put the water study together are urging people in Lawrence and Morgan County not to use their tap water. Dodd is taking that advice, but not everyone can afford to buy bottled water.

"In previous times it was a public utility that was telling people not to drink the water and we didn't have any sources of water then. We were able to gather some up. This time, attorneys are saying that no one should drink the water," Morgan County EMA Director Eddie Hicks explained.

Hicks said they will not be providing free bottled water. "We do not have the resources at all and we don't have any means to come up with water," Hicks said.

Unlike Dodd, Hicks said the results were surprising. "We really haven't had any opportunity to think about what any particular solutions there might be," Hicks explained.

Dodd said someone needs to step up and fix the issue. "I think they are sacrificing lives over a dollar. That's exactly what I think. It's not right. You contaminated our water, fix it," Hicks said.

Dodd has bought enough filtered water to last her a couple of months. She said she will even start using filtered water to cook with.  WHNT News 19 asked the Morgan County EMA Director if he planned to still drink the water in the county; he said yes.