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Three Fayetteville police officers placed on unpaid suspension

FAYETTEVILLE, Tenn. -- Three Fayetteville police officers have been put on unpaid suspension after an investigation by the city of Fayetteville determined the officers made inappropriate sexual comments while on the job.

Fayetteville City Administrator Scott Collins said a female sheriff's office employee complained about derogatory sexual comments made in front of her last week.

"Initially they thought, and I hate this phrase, but that it was guys talking. Well, that's unacceptable in a professional work environment. Totally unacceptable," said Collins.

The city determined the amount of unpaid suspension for each officer based on their involvement in the incident. Disciplinary actions will continue when they return to work.

"All three employees will be placed on a one-year probation now. They will be required to attend additional training on proper conduct in the workplace and the public," explained Collins.

This all comes less than two weeks after an investigation into racial slurs on a 911 call made by now-former Fayetteville fire chief Danny Travis. Travis resigned from the job before the investigation was complete.

City officials have a clear message for all city employees on how they should conduct themselves.

"There are certain parameters that we will not tolerate in any form or fashion," said Collins. "We are firm believers that everyone is equal opportunity here."

Collins added that the two investigations into the officers and the former fire chief are not directly related. However, he said all three officers responded to the former fire chief's 9-1-1 call that was under investigation.

The city plans to create additional anti-discrimination training for all employees.