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Sheriff Blake Dorning speaks about investigator’s 2017 sex abuse arrest

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. -- The arrest of Roland Campos was shocking for the sheriff's office, a spokesman said at the time. Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning said Wednesday it didn't matter that Campos was a sheriff's office employee.

"Regardless of who you are, where you work, what your chosen profession is, you make a stupid choice and we're going to prosecute you. We're going to find you and we're going to prosecute you," said Dorning.

The sheriff, who hasn't spoken publicly about the arrest previously, said the choice was clear.

"You just do the right thing. We know that people do stupid things," said Dorning. "I see it all the time, and law enforcement is not immune from that."

Former sheriff`s office chaplain Michael Walker is facing a misdemeanor charge of failure to report after allegedly being told of Campos' actions by the alleged victim. Investigators say the incident occurred in February of last year. Campos was arrested in August.

But the sheriff said the system worked.

"Everything that we did, the system in place worked. The system in place worked and that's what the community needs to know. It was reported, and the system went to work."

Dorning said the sheriff`s office self-reports wrongdoing and doesn't hide things.

Campos` case has been sent to a Madison County grand jury. The Alabama attorney general's office, which is handling the case, has asked that the case against Walker be delayed until the Campos matter is resolved.