Nelson Elementary’s Jane Hargrove Wins $319 For Her Classroom

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. - Say hello to Jane Hargrove. She teaches first grade at Nelson Elementary in Scottsboro.

Jane Hargrove teaches 1st grade at Nelson Elementary in Scottsboro.

Principal Dale Hancock says Mrs. Hargrove brings experience and expertise to her class.

"We are proud of all of our teachers, and Mrs Hargrove is a great example of the hard work our teachers put into this school. It's about the people, and that's what makes Nelson special." said Hancock.

Walking into Mrs. Hargrove's class, I wasn't there for a weather forecast, but to award $319.

"Oh my goodness!" said Mrs. Hargrove when receiving the money. "Thank you so much! This is amazing! We just talked about if we have $100 so I would have something for the boys and girls."

Someone is excited to win $319!

Mrs. Hargrove could hardly contain her excitement. "I am speechless I don't know what to say about it. It's the biggest surprise I have had in a long time. I don't feel like my job is really a job. I come to school, I do what I love to do and what I have always wanted to do."

And she also couldn't help but brag on her students. "Every year I have kids that work hard, but these kids have worked hard and have come so far this year. They have made so many gains. We are reading everyday, enjoying math and learning and having fun. We have a lot of fun too." said Hargrove.

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