NCAC, Madison County authorities sign ‘interagency agreement’ to better protect children

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  The people who promise to make child protection part of their duties met on Wednesday morning to sign an important document with the National Child Advocacy Center.

"So that those that prey upon our children can be prosecuted," Sheriff Blake Dorning said of the goal behind the interagency agreement.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office, Madison Police Department, Huntsville Police Department, Madison County DHR and the Madison County District Attorneys Office stood shoulder to shoulder with the National Child Advocacy Center to sign the interagency agreement.

"We have all of the agencies that are partnering to help protect children in this community coming together and discussing how we're going to work. Coming up with a collaborative plan, documenting that and including any emerging best practices so that we're doing the very best that we can to help protect children," Executive Director Chris Newlin, with NCAC, said.

Sheriff Dorning said this effort streamlines the agencies' work.

"What they do is they discuss cases that are currently in process," Sheriff Dorning said. "It allows the investigators to cooperate with each other, along with the medical community, so that it basically fine tunes all of our components. It better equips us to go out and hunt those folks."

NCAC said child sexual abuse is down nearly 50 percent over the last 20 years.