Smittens are the ideal cold weather apparel for ‘friends and lovers’

Smittens... the "walking mittens for friends and lovers." They're mittens specially designed so that two people can hold hands inside of one mitten. It's pretty adorable.

WHNT News 19 called upon the cutest couple we know to test them. We first met Murphy Wilson and Lucinda Myers when their engagement photos went internationally viral. And we checked on them again when they rocked a wedding kiss that trumped all others. No force on earth can hold their love and attraction to each other back!

And now, almost half a year after tying the knot, they’re still in wedded bliss.

We knew they try to be as close as possible -whenever possible- and that they'd be the ones to tell us whether the Smittens are a hit or a miss for friends or couples in cold weather. They’re the first to say that physical affection is an important factor in any relationship—especially theirs.

"Being in love feels good," Murphy said. "So kissing, touching hands, holding hands, arm around the waist, it feels good."

When we first revealed the Smittens to this cozy couple, they were excited. They bundled up (and Murphy conveniently owned a perfectly matching red scarf) and went for a walk after slipping their hands into the Smittens.

“I like them," Murphy noted almost immediately. "You know, as long as I get to hold your hand. That’s good.” #RelationshipGoals

After a walk up and down the street, the couple reflected on how important it is to be close to your significant other, and that it's the little things that matter most. You could probably guess their final verdict on the Smittens...

"It’s a deal. Because we’re together. It’s about being together."

It's safe to say they're smitten with each other, AND their new cold-weather apparel :)