Neighbors never saw 83-year-old murder victim outside home

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - Huntsville police have charged 57-year-old Donald Marlon Mann with the murder of his mother, Betty Scale. Police found her body Sunday at the home they shared on Ford Place.

Investigators report Mann told them he strangled Scale several weeks ago. Mann was picked up at another location shortly after authorities found Scale's body. "It's just not right. That's all I got to say. It's just not right. That's your mother," said Mac Miller, the next door neighbor.

Miller says he didn't even know Scale was living in the home, a point shared by many other neighbors. "Never seen her outside at all. I didn't know a lady was in there at all," explained Miller. All during the course of the year, I never saw anything to indicate that."

Miller says he had little interaction with Mann or his brother, who also lived in the home. "We would say hi. Just being cordial, hi and bye. Just like that, nothing major."

Although he says he didn't know Donald Mann well, Miller didn't expect to hear that his neighbor was charged with such committed this type of crime. "Why would you want to kill your mother? That's my biggest thing. The lady who was there for you at every turn."

There was only one neighbor that we spoke to off camera that said they had ever seen Betty Scale in person,  and that was only because they were invited into Mann's home. They never saw her leave the home.