Huntsville Fire and Rescue adds seven fire engines to the fleet

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. -  Huntsville Fire and Rescue is looking for better ways to serve its community. Now, they have the ability to do so through more fire engines. Seven brand new fire engines are in service for the department.

"All our trucks are custom and they're made to our specifications and all these seven trucks are identical. That's what helps us out from driver to driver when they go from one truck to another," said Captain Frank McKenzie.

After the trucks arrived, some were only at the station for less than a minute before being put to use. In other words, more trucks equals more manpower.

"It upgrades our capacity," said Captain McKenzie. "It makes us more modern, faster to be able to fight the fires, be able to put a fire out. Everybody knows in firefighting, the faster you can put that fire out the more lives and more property we can save. That's what we're trying to do, stay on top of our game."

On Tuesday, the Pierce made fire trucks were part of a photo shoot to put them in the running to be featured across the country.

"We're trying to get a spot on Pierce's calendar next year," said Captain McKenzie. "We'll give them a picture, they'll review it and see if it'll be good enough for their calendar and that's what we're hoping for."

The new trucks are assigned to different stations in the city of Huntsville, ready to be used at a moments notice.