UNA plays at UAH on Saturday for the final time

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - When North Alabama pays a visit to UAH on Saturday, it will be the last trip to Spragins Hall for the Lions ever.  UNA is leaving the Gulf South Conference and making the jump to DI athletics next year.  That means this rivalry that spans more than two decades is coming to an end.  The Chargers still have to make their trip to Flowers Hall in Florence, just about 70 miles away, but after that the two universities are parting ways.

UAH head coach Lennie Acuff started with the Chargers not long after they joined the GSC, and he has nothing but good memories from the UAH, North Alabama rivalry.  "It's just been a lot of fun for all the kids who've played in it, to play in this game. We've had great great game, at both places, both teams have won on each others home court, and a lot of energy," Acuff said.  "It's something we'll miss no doubt.  I know they are looking forward to division one, but we'll miss the rivalry that's for sure."