Marshall Co. Schools staff working to curb flu system-wide

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ala. -- The flu is causing several absences at Marshall County Schools in both students and staff, so school leaders are being proactive to hopefully stop it from spreading further.

As busses roll in to schools in the Marshall County Schools system, that's where preventative measures start. “We are checking students as they get off of the bus, just checking for symptoms," Superintendent Cindy Wigley said. "Some we’ve had to turn right around and send home right as they get off of the bus.”

Wigley said the flu hit the system across the board. “At one school alone we’ve had up to 10 teachers out and 70 students. And in one day we sent 20 students home.”

It's all hands on deck to be proactive. “Teachers, office staff, nurses, just everyone. We’re doing all we can do on our end to prevent flu at the schools,” Wigley said. "Just bringing them in and if they look like they have a fever and not feeling well, we check for fever and if they have a fever we’re sending them home.”

Parents can play a part. “Despite our best efforts, we do have the sickness in our schools so we just ask that parents help us, and if they see any signs and if a student actually has a fever, to please not send them to school,” Wigley said.

School leaders are in communication with state health officials on the number of cases they're seeing.