Boaz Police Department experiences a pipe break during freezing weather

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BOAZ, Ala. -- Many are recovering from the freeze that occurred in north Alabama this week including the Boaz Police Department. A pipe near one of their kitchen areas froze over and broke Wednesday night.

"We heard some water running downstairs. Sounded like it was inside the wall. Went outside to the sally port area, which is where we bring inmates in, and saw some water running from inside the block wall." said Chief Josh Gaskin with the Boaz Police Department.

Plumbers reported to the jail to shut the water off, but unfortunately that caused another issue.

"Once they got the pipe fixed and turned the water back on, we just had a back up of sewage," said Gaskin.

Close to a half-inch of sewage water covered the floor near the booking area and one of the kitchens used by the jail. Nearly 30 inmates were transferred out of the jail until the sewage water was cleaned out of the area and the pipe was fixed.

"A lot of the inmates had holds at other places, so they weren't actually released. A lot of them had to go to other police departments, other jails. Some of them were released and given another court date," said Gaskin.

According to Gaskin, the plumbing companies replaced the burst pipe. Extra insulation to the pipes was also added to help fight future weather conditions like these.

"They got all that stuff fixed and right now we're just back up and running," said Gaskin.