Teen accused of stealing truck that was warming up, then crashing it

Photo: Getty Images

ATHENS, Ala. – Athens Police say a Huntsville teenager stole a truck on Levert Avenue and then crashed it early Wednesday morning. Chief Floyd Johnson said that the owner started the truck to warm it up, but when they looked out to check on it, it was gone.

Officers spotted the vehicle on Hwy 72 going west and attempted to pull over the truck. The 17-year-old suspect pulled away from the officers at a high speed. Chief Johnson says the officers pursued, but at a safer speed.

The teen apparently lost control of the truck and crashed into a curb and speed limit sign on Glenn Valley before running. He left the truck in gear causing the officers to have to stop it from crashing into a residence before they could pursue him.

Officers received a call from a resident nearby saying someone was behind their house. They located the teenager and took him into custody.

Authorities charged the juvenile with first-degree theft of property. He was booked into the Athens Police Department and turned over to Limestone County Juvenile Probation.