Some Franklin County roads passable, but still slick in spots

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – They were the first county in northwest Alabama to declare their roads impassable. 24-hours later, Franklin County roads are slightly better, but they are still not great.

As the sun rose on Wednesday you could still see ice covering Jackson Street in downtown Russellville. Although some roads were able to melt off late Tuesday – many still have slick spots.

Which is why this street department crew was out first thing Wednesday spreading sand. They are trying to give drivers a little bit of traction.

Chief Chris Hargett

“From a stop, a lot of people, you’ll hear them out here spinning at the red-lights and what not. Drive with a slow speed that you can anticipate having to stop and not having to stop abruptly,” explained Russellville Police chief Chris Hargett.

As we move into the overnight hours from Wednesday night into Thursday morning – many of the spots that didn’t see the sun Wednesday will still provide problems. Chief Hargett said the secondary roads likely won’t thaw until Thursday afternoon.

“You are going to be driving in patches where everything is fine, and the all of a sudden you are going to come up on an area where it is solid ice. You are going to panic and probably hit the brakes or whatever and not be able to control your vehicle,” Hargett said.

With the treacherous roads outside - Chief Hargett is keeping one thing in the back of his mind.

“I’m ready for summer; I’m a summer person.” And probably 99% of the population agrees.

Law enforcement throughout northwest Alabama are still urging drivers to use extreme caution on secondary roads across the region. Most of the main highways are drivable, but there could still be icy spots.