Parkway Place Mall plans for store renovations in 2018

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. - In a time where online stores are thriving, many brick and mortar malls are on the decline.

A study by CNN Money says 25-percent of America's malls will be gone in five years. Although, Parkway Place in Huntsville is doing what they can to not be a part of that statistic.

Some vacancies you see in the mall may not be there much longer.

"For 2018, we're already getting ready to begin some renovations for some of our big stores, we've got expansions and new build-outs that are coming," said Marketing Director, Molly Mitchell.

Mitchell says in a time when leasing can be difficult, they are excited to announce new tenants will be making Parkway Place home in 2018 -- although, they won't be named until later in the year.

To remain a popular retail venue for north Alabama families, Mitchell says they are always looking for fresh, new ideas.

"We are taking the approach of more locally owned shops and filtering out new tenants that are coming in -- looking for experiential tenants to come into our mall," said Mitchell.

An idea that worked in 2017 -- the "pop up shop." Mitchell says they will continue the concept in 2018.

"They can rent out the space, it's a reduced rate, they're exposed to mall traffic and its given many of our local tenants that confidence in the shopping center," said Mitchell.