EMA and local agencies monitoring roads ahead of possible winter weather

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - Local Emergency Management Agencies are watching the weather as many people prepare for another cold week.

At Lowe's in Hampton Cove, they're running low on certain winter supplies as people come to stock up. "Kerosene heaters. That's the main thing we've sold out of first," commented Alex Mullins, Service Manager.

They have stocked ice melt and firewood and have noticed many customers coming in for those, too. "Even pipe caps for the outside faucet covers, and any of the insulation for piping," said Mullins. "I've actually seen quite a few pictures from people who have had busted pipes."

As people prepare their homes, the Huntsville-Madison County EMA is the nerve center for operations and is monitoring the weather outside the window. "Communication is key, passing information along," said Scott Worsham, EMA Officer, "to discuss and share plans."

Chris McNeese, Huntsville Public Works Director, said, "We do have our trucks equipped with salt and rock spreaders. They are also stocked with salt and with rock. So they can hit the roadways."

Mike Gentle, Madison Public Works Crew Chief, said, "We are going to have crews on standby at 6 o'clock in the morning." Gentle said Friday's "non-event" helped them prepare and they're ready to go.

Leaders say the higher elevations along with overpasses are the biggest trouble spots where crews will focus, but you are welcome to call your local law enforcement if you notice an area that is a danger.

If you see snow or ice in your part of the Tennessee Valley, you are asked to be careful and make way for crews to do what they need to do. It is important for them to clear the roads for first responders to navigate if there are emergencies throughout the day.

"If you see any of our crews, stay a safe distance back and slow down," Gentle said.

These officials will continue monitoring conditions: "We'll just have to wait and see, and adjust accordingly," said Worsham.