Compared to its Amazon counterparts, the Echo Spot isn’t that different

Every time a new high-tech device is released, it seems like it’s soon followed by the next best thing.

The newest tech in the Amazon Echo family was released December 27, 2017: the Amazon Echo Spot!

What sets the $130 Echo Spot apart from its Amazon counterparts is its circular touchscreen, which can display a clock, videos, lists, and more information on demand.

Just like the rest of the devices in the Echo family you use your voice to command and control the Echo Spot via Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa.

But the internal camera and touchscreen is the supposed game changer here— you can connect it to baby monitors, security cameras, and use it to make video calls.

But the screen is so small, and the device has to be plugged in…so would you really be likely to video chat through the device?

The screen is also too small to comfortably watch video on and YouTube doesn’t even work on the device, so video options are limited to selective movie trailers and Amazon Prime video content.

However, the screen is great for displaying a clock– and you can set, cancel, and snooze alarms with your voice.

The other popular use of Amazon Echo devices is listening to music. When we compared the Echo Spot to the original Echo, the difference is the speaker on the Spot is not as good compared to the Echo, and the Spot displays the song lyrics on the screen.

At $130, the Echo Spot is not particularly inexpensive, but it looks cool, and it can replace an Echo Dot and an alarm clock.

Is it worth spending $50 to $100  more? In my opinion– no.