UNA students help feed their own for MLK service project

FLORENCE, Ala. – On this Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, dozens in the Shoals gathered under his inspiration. King challenged man-kind to help others; which is exactly what happened on the University of North Alabama campus.

Bethany Green

Scoop on top of scoop. Four scoops equal a nutrient-filled meal for those who are food deprived.

“Some of the foods they do offer, the dehydrated vegetables and things like that, are actually grown from their own gardens,” explained Bethany Green with UNA’s Office of Student Engagement. “So, it kind of guarantees we get some of the healthier options in there for some of the people who are using our food pantries.”

They are inspired by Rev. King’s quote “What are you doing to help others?” This group made up of mostly UNA students – are helping their fellow students. The UNA Food Pantry will keep most of these bagged meals for their own.

“We are seeing an increase in it, especially on our own campus. This past semester over the fall we had a huge increase in some of our students. So, we are making frequent trips to try to restock it,” said Green.

The University of North Alabama is one of just a few colleges in the state who host a food pantry on campus. Green said it’s heart-warming to get notes from alumni who now donate to a cause they had to use.

“We’ll get notes that say I remember the day I needed some extra support or needed that extra meal. So, I do think that the need is there and we are just bringing more attention to it and more of a focus to it.”

These UNA students joined thousands across the nation on Monday – doing something to serve others in King’s honor.

Monday’s group packed more than 30,000 meal bags. They will be spread among the UNA Food Pantry and other food pantries across the Shoals.