Man’s best friend saves family from house fire

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A Huntsville family is recovering tonight after losing almost everything they own in a house fire. Fire officials say it took about 20 minutes to put out the flames and thankfully, no one was injured. The homeowners say their four-legged friend is the one responsible for getting them out safely.

The 600 block of Hemlock Drive looks a little different on Monday. "It was scary. I have never seen anything move that fast," Sean Jaco said in a matter of minutes his home was fully engulfed. "By the time I ran out to the side of the house half the house was fully involved."

Jaco lived in the home with his mother. "I think mom has been here since 1979," Jaco said. Nearly four decades of memories gone in a matter of minutes. "There`s a two car garage that I help my father build in the back of the house."

But things could have been worse. When the fire had started both Jaco and his mother were almost asleep until their dog Vienna got his attention.

"She really started to raise some Cain outside," Jaco said.

He noticed the fire when he went out to check on her. "Turns out, I think she was barking at the fire. I guess the dog was useful, because sure enough if I would have slept for another four or five minutes, I think there would have been a different outcome," Jaco said.

13-year-old Vienna and Sean Jaco have always had a love-hate relationship. Most of the hate came from Jaco. "I want to say I thought she was useless. She has always been more fond of me, than I have been of her," he explained.

He has since had a change of heart. "I probably never gave her that much credit, but I will give her credit from here on out," Jaco said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. Jaco said his mother does have insurance to help cover the damages.