Franklin County woman charged with murder for shooting husband multiple times

Connie May Cody, 58 (Franklin County Sheriff's Office)

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. — A woman is being held without bond after telling sheriff’s deputies she killed her husband.

Sheriff Shannon Oliver said 58-year- old Connie Mae Cody is charged with murder.

Oliver said deputies were called to a home on Ethan Avenue by Connie Cody just before midnight on Saturday.

When deputies arrived they found her husband, Michael Cody shot multiple times. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and a pistol believed to be the murder weapon was recovered at the home.

Oliver said the couple had just moved to Franklin County from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She said there is evidence of domestic violence between the couple in the past.

Connie Cody will remain in custody without bond until she sees a judge early next week. Deputies are continuing to interview family and friends of the couple to get a clearer motive in the case.