Madison County Commission Chairman says the county is on the path to success

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. — Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong held his annual State of the County Address on Thursday. It was a chance for him to talk about the county's growth and what is to come.

"For the last six years the Madison County region has been blessed to announce more than 20,000 new jobs," Strong said.

During the address, Strong touted 2017 as a fantastic year for the county. "For our growth expansion we have seen new jobs, construction, roads, new schools resulting in a stronger workforce and local economy," Strong said.

Strong said 2018 is starting on a high note. "In 2012 when I was elected Chairman, we understood we had to grow our economy. We had to make tough decisions at Madison County. We reduced our workforce and we have had to do more with less. Now we're seeing that by making that sacrifice our economy is growing in Madison County. But not only in Madison County, its growing in Limestone County," Strong said.

With the announcement of the $1.6 billion Toyota-Mazada plant, more jobs are heading this way.  In fact 4,000 more. "If you look at some of these states that are losing jobs and losing population, that's when you have a problem. when you are growing that`s a situation that you beg to have," Strong said.

Strong added with the growing opportunities, Madison County is still on track for continued success.