Tennessee Valley Toyota-Mazda plant will make new Mazda crossover, Corolla sedans

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. --  It was a big day Wednesday in Alabama following the Toyota-Mazda plant announcement. Many officials are calling the project one of the nation's largest job creators.

In 2021, the plant will sit in part on more than 2,000 acres that includes the TVA megasite near Exit 3 off I-565 in Huntsville. The $1.6 billion plant is projected to create 300,000 vehicles a year.

Mazda will build 150,000 new crossovers while Toyota will make 150,000 Corolla Sedans annually. The venture between the automakers is to save money. Toyota and Mazda will split the costs evenly.

WHNT News 19 has learned part of the reason Huntsville landed the deal is because the city was able to provide additional land for suppliers to be on site.

"Toyota required some additional acreage. So, the city has been acquiring that acreage for the project. The city will then provide the roads, the utilities, all of the other infrastructure to make it possible for the plant to go up. Not only the plant but all of the ancillary services that will support that plant," said Jennie Robinson with the Huntsville City Council

What this means is that Toyota and Mazda have businesses that create separate car parts near the plant. Having this supply chain will likely cut down on costs and shipping time.

Local Toyota and Mazda dealerships are excited for the announcement. They hope sales will increase as some of their vehicles will be made right here in north Alabama.

The Huntsville area already has a Toyota engine factory that employs nearly 1,500 people. Officials believe one of the reasons North Carolina lost out on the deal is because of the requirement to accommodate space for suppliers on site.